Embed your Power BI report with predefined filters

I have recently gotten this questions a few times so time to dust off my coding skills and get to work … the key question in both cases is how can I make sure I filter my report before any queries are being send to the underlying data source. When using Power BI embedded you can use Javascript to pass in a filter instead of using the Power BI UI. To test how this worked... Read more

Use calculated tables to show only used rows in dimensions

I got an interesting request this week, to improve the usability of the tabular model they wanted to filter the dimension table to only contain the rows that have data in the fact table. That way the slicers and other filters will never have data where you don’t have any sales or any facts. Often this is taken care before loading the data by creating view or writing queries but in this case this would... Read more

Build your own usage report with Power BI

Yesterday I found out we have a great feature in Power BI that everyone should know about but I stumbled upon by accident. it turns out you can create your own, fully customized, usage reports to share. I found it while going over the documentation right here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-service-usage-metrics/ Read more

Dynamic data comparisons using disconnected slicers, TreatAs and inactive relationships

Got a good question this week that had me scratching my head for a bit but then I remembered a new function that was added to Power BI (and SSAS) recently called TreatAS. Marco covered it in detail here. So what they wanted to do is have a visual where they can view the sales and compare it with sales of different colors. So let’s get too it. Read more

Building the Power BI Strava data connector

I love cycling, both watching and doing it myself. One of the cool things is that is very data driven sport and thanks to Strava much of this becomes available to anyone, not just the elite athletes. Of course I would love to do more and get this data into Power BI. Thanks to Strava’s API’s and the new Power BI custom data connector SDK this is now possible! I started building this connector the... Read more

DAX SelectedValue function

With the new Power BI desktop release (July 2017) comes a new DAX function called “SelectedValue”, this DAX function is a convenience feature to help you with working with selections. Today when you want to use the value of a selection you always have to be careful, to get the value of the selection you can use the VALUES function, this works great when you always have a single value but when more than one... Read more

Use the data gateway to connect to SQL Azure databases

One question that comes up  regularly is how to use the firewall option of SQL Azure to open access to just Power BI. Now to use Power BI in general you can use the “enable azure services” option but for some customers this is not enough, they want to control the specific hosts (ip address) that can connect. Unfortunately at the time of writing Power BI doesn’t support having a single IP address, due to... Read more